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7 Reasons Why Tiny Homes Are Here To Stay

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

7 reasons tiny homes are here to stay and why you should buy one today

Do you ever feel trapped by the house that you live in or own?  Does it feel like you are continually battling maintenance, bills, a mortgage or rent payment, and clutter?

Don’t worry, you are not alone in this feeling of entrapment.

And yes, there is an alternative:  choosing the freedom you have always wanted by living in a tiny home!

The concept of tiny homes is relatively new, but the lifestyle of simplicity, freedom, and savings is attracting more and more people.

So why should you take a serious look at buying a tiny home?

7 reasons why a tiny home could be your perfect next home

Here are 7 reasons why a tiny home could be your perfect next home!

1 - Simplicity

Many homes have a garage that comes with them, but you still see a lot of cars parked in the driveway or along the curb.

Why aren’t more cars parked in garages?

Because they are full of stuff!

We know that our garages, attics, and closets are full of stuff.  Decorations, clothing, old sports equipment, overflowing boxes - if you can name it, it’s probably in storage somewhere.

The problem with all this stuff is that it brings clutter, both physical and mental, into our homes and lives.

clutter brings mental and physical stress into our lives

So how does a tiny home fix this?

By forcing you to live with less and intentionally focus on what is important to you.

For example, we all know that you only wear a small percentage of your clothes, but we keep stockpiling because we have room in our closet.  If you have a tiny home; however, you need to keep your wardrobe to the basics.

People who live in tiny homes find themselves happier and having more emotional energy because they have embraced a lifestyle of simplicity.

2 - Financial savings

tiny homes can save you money

We all know housing is expensive, no matter if you own or rent your home.  We also know that the larger your home, the more it costs to run the house and pay the bills.

A tiny home isn’t free, but it does cost a lot less to purchase and maintain!

What are some of the ways a tiny home will save you money?

First, a tiny home requires less land, so you can save money by renting or purchasing a smaller parcel of land.  This means fewer taxes, insurance, and monthly payments.

Second, because they are so small, tiny homes need to get the maximum out of every square inch, and this results in higher efficiency.  This high efficiency, combined with its small footprint, results in significantly lower utility bills - less water, less heat, and less electricity.

And third, if you need to do maintenance on your tiny home, you will pay a lot less.  Let’s say you need to replace the roof of your tiny home. Because the roof has a small square footage, it will cost a lot less than a standard house roof.

3 - Mobility

tiny homes offer mobility

Do you know what one of the most fascinating things about tiny homes is?  

They are on wheels!

And because they are on wheels, that means you can haul them around, similar to a camper.

Imagine traveling across the United States, or simply moving to another area, but without any packing or boxing things up.

Instead, you merely hitch up your house to a truck, disconnect your utilities, and move along!

Tiny homes give you the mobility to move your home with you to different places without continually needing to pack, box, or store your belongings.

4 - Low Maintenance

tiny homes are low maintenance

Unless you are a handyman who really likes tinkering on your home, you probably don’t love home maintenance, do you?

Little repairs, cleaning the home, making sure everything is maintained - these are things that discourage a lot of people from purchasing a house in the first place.

So how does a tiny home require less maintenance?

First, it is important to realize that a tiny home is not maintenance free.  Obviously, nothing on earth is ever wholly maintenance-free, and a tiny home is no exception.

So then what is the big deal with a tiny home?

Tiny homes have a considerable advantage over a regular house with maintenance due to their size.  If you ever need to work on your tiny home, you can be sure that there won’t be much work!

For example, let’s say you need to clean your home.  Picture how long it would take to clean a traditional American home.  How many Saturdays would that require?

Now picture cleaning a tiny home.  It will still require some work, but only a fraction of the total amount of time.

This concept applies to every part of the tiny home.  Whether it is the siding, roofing, cleaning, painting, or other regular jobs; it will always take less time and energy with a tiny home.

Oh, and if you pay someone to do this maintenance for you, it will cost you less as well because of the smaller amount of time that is required.

5 - Sustainable Living

tiny homes encourage you to relax and enjoy life

One thing that many people don’t enjoy about our wealthy American culture is the way that we seem continually to consume much more than we need.

Whether it is food, energy, clothing, or other stuff; too often we buy more than we need, use it a couple of times, and then just throw it out.

While some are not bothered by this lifestyle, many people recognize it as dangerous and unsustainable.

Tiny homes don’t automatically solve this problem, but they do encourage sustainable living more than a standard house.

By forcing you to live with less due to the smaller space, a tiny home will make you think about what is really important to you, what you really need, and how to make the most and best use of what you already own.

A tiny home will encourage you to relax and enjoy the little things in life.  It also encourages you to take the occasional break to enjoy the people and things that surround you.

So whether it is owning fewer possessions or being more intentional with what you have, a tiny home will encourage you to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

6 - Environmentally Friendly

We have already mentioned the fact that a tiny home uses less energy than a typical home, and that it will encourage you to live a better life with fewer possessions.

These savings are fantastic because they save you money and give you peace of mind; however, they also have a global impact on the environment.

The obvious one is using less water, heat, electricity, and other utilities in your tiny home.  The less we use these, the better our environment will be.

But how does a tiny home help the environment in not-so-obvious ways?

First, the house itself uses a lot less product to be built.  There will be less wood, piping, metal, and other resources used to create the physical building.

Second, and more importantly, it will cause you to be less wasteful.

Remember how a tiny home will cause you to own fewer possessions and make better use of what you own?  

This means you will be less wasteful.  Instead of buying something only to use it once, you will purchase things that can be used multiple times.  Instead of buying decorations or gadgets that you stuff in closets, you will only buy things that you really need or want.

All of this means you will be less of a consumer, and the less that we consume, the more our world will thank us.

a tiny home will cause you to be less wasteful.

7 - Freedom

All of the six things we have talked about so far come together in this one idea:  freedom.

A tiny home gives you the freedom to travel and move.  It can help provide financial freedom by costing less. It gives you emotional freedom by filling your life with less clutter and junk.

Freedom is what many of us are looking for in our daily lives, but it becomes harder and harder to find in our full closets, maxed-out credit cards, and high utility bills.

So if you are tired of the stress and clutter that can come with a standard American home, you should give tiny homes a serious look.

tiny homes offer freedom

Contact us today at Greenwood Tiny Homes to talk about how we can build your dream tiny home and start your new path towards freedom!

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