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7 Reasons Why Tiny Homes Are Here To Stay

Updated: Mar 27

7 reasons tiny homes are here to stay and why you should buy one today

Do you ever feel trapped by the house that you live in or own?  Does it feel like you are continually battling maintenance, bills, a mortgage or rent payment, and clutter?

Don’t worry, you are not alone in this feeling of entrapment.

And yes, there is an alternative:  choosing the freedom you have always wanted by living in a tiny home!

The concept of tiny homes is relatively new, but the lifestyle of simplicity, freedom, and savings is attracting more and more people.

So why should you take a serious look at buying a tiny home?

7 reasons why a tiny home could be your perfect next home

Here are 7 reasons why a tiny home could be your perfect next home!

1 - Simplicity

Many homes have a garage that comes with them, but you still see a lot of cars parked in the driveway or along the curb.

Why aren’t more cars parked in garages?

Because they are full of stuff!

We know that our garages, attics, and closets are full of stuff.  Decorations, clothing, old sports equipment, overflowing boxes - if you can name it, it’s probably in storage somewhere.

The problem with all this stuff is that it brings clutter, both physical and mental, into our homes and lives.

clutter brings mental and physical stress into our lives

So how does a tiny home fix this?

By forcing you to live with less and intentionally focus on what is important to you.

For example, we all know that you only wear a small percentage of your clothes, but we keep stockpiling because we have room in our closet.  If you have a tiny home; however, you need to keep your wardrobe to the basics.

People who live in tiny homes find themselves happier and having more emotional energy because they have embraced a lifestyle of simplicity.

2 - Financial savings